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Estimation of rare earth elements in the SUAC complex

I am currently competing in a case study competition a part of which has asked us to estimate the amount of Nd, Pr, and Dy in the SUAC complex (Sung Valley Ultramafic-Alkaline-Carbonatite) in electric ...
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How much earth has to be moved to get one tonne of copper

I am trying to make sense of the mining process of minerals or metals. I found two measures related to waste: the stripping ratio (which is usually larger than 3:1 for copper, i.e. 3 tonnes of waste ...
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Is the association of fluorescent minerals calcite, fluorite, and apatite with fluorescent rare-Earth minerals a coincidence?

If I understand this answer and this comment correctly, minerals like calcite, fluorite, and apatite are "commonly associated with (Rare Earth Element) REE deposits", and like some REEs also fluoresce ...
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Can I just walk around Greenland with a UV light and find rare Earth minerals on the ground?

The news article and podcast Greenland Is Not For Sale. But It Has The Rare Earth Minerals America Wants is interesting, and it includes a few large GIFs (too large to post here) that appear ...
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solubility of rare earth sulphides at different pH?

Will rare earth sulfides in soil be more soluble in aqueous solutions with lower pH? How can I know whether these sulfides will dissolve better at low or high pH or will it not be affected?
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Are there significant amounts of rare earth elements on Iceland?

The rare earth elements form in magmatic rocks. The Iceland is very active vulcanic region, and it's, to my knowledge, entirely build from magmatic rocks. So it wouldn't be surprising if there were ...
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Is the majority of Earth not unique?

Realize that comparing planets is hard, but is Earth really that unique? More to the point, if everything say 20-km below sea-level up into the exosphere disappeared (and the moon too) - what would ...
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What are rare earths and why do they cluster near alkaline magmatism?

'Rare earths' play a vital role in the modern economy, and they are becoming more of a point of focus in geopolitical realms. What are 'rare earths' and why do they appear to cluster in association ...
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