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How does the sand appear on Hawaiian beaches

It's quite surprising to me that there's only one beach with black sand on Hawaii (maybe not exactly one beach, but it's only a very small fraction). The concern is, if the whole Hawaii is volcanic, ...
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How can I learn to spot fossils and fossil-bearing rocks on the Jurassic coast?

Due to a pleasant change in my circumstances, I have been to Lyme Regis several times recently, and it seems as though I'm going to be a regular visitor over the next few years. As a former biologist ...
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What causes these circular swirls of islands?

I was following the boarder of the US and Canada on Google Maps, because, and found these interesting circular patterns of islands near the Northwest Angle. I have heard of geologic folding but I have ...
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What caused the Cretaceous uplift of the Harz mountains (Germany)

What are the likely stresses that caused the uplift of the Harz mountains? Was the uplift connected to another orogeny, lithospheric-scale folding or a mantle process?
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Is there a database of the geologic/stratigraphic units of France?

Is there a page where I can look up rock unit definitions for France similar to: I did some searching for this, but ...
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Why are South African mountains short and flat?

I drove through South Africa from Cape Town to Mozambique and noticed that almost all heights and mountains were no higher than approx 200-400 meters and had a flat top, just like the iconic Table ...
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Alpine schistosity

I often find the term Alpine schistosity (schistosité alpine in French, scistosità alpina in Italian) in texts about Alpine geology. Chronologically ordered phases of Alpine schistosity producing ...
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What is the average color of soil?

Where I live the soil is red. Is there a map or chart where you can see the average color of the dirt according to geographical location? What would the color be if all of the dirt on Earth was ...
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How old is Steptoe Butte (WA, USA)?

Steptoe Butte is a quartzite "island" in the sea of loess known as the Palouse Hills, in eastern Washington and western Idaho in the United States. According to Wikipedia: The rock that ...
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What are the craters and mounds in this Missouri bedrock map?

When looking at this map of bedrock geology of the Illinois and Ozark basins (sourced from Geological and Geophysical Maps of the Illinois Basin-Ozark Dome Region), I can't help but notice that ...
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Identification of rock formation along Wales coast

I hope that you can help me, my wife and I visited National Trust - Stackpole, Pembrokeshire last week where I took a couple of hundred photos. I've attached a photo of the coloured cliffs there. For ...
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4 votes
2 answers

To what extent has the Earth's surface been geologically mapped?

To what extent has the Earth's surface been geologically mapped? For instance, what fraction has been surveyed at 1:10 000, 1:100 000 or 1:1 000 000 scale? Edit: By 'surface' I mean land surface, ...
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The Geological make-up in my area

I live in the Piedmont area of Virginia and only an hour and a half from the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. I recently found a number of what I believe to be petrified wood specimens. There ...
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Where can I find information about the basic concepts of sedimentary basins?

There are a lot of papers on the web but they don't explain the concepts, they just mention them, taking for granted that the reader knows the concepts. I mean piggyback basin, forearc, back arc, ...
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What current evidence is there for a Glacial Hudson River Valley deluge?

Some have studied the Lake Missoula glacial dam breaking West and having created the Coulees of Eastern Washington. Who's studied the glacial dam breaking South and having cleared the Hudson River ...
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What US State has the most complete rock record? [duplicate]

The title seems self explanatory to me. I thought about it when I was looking at a geologic map of Utah, and it seemed to include an exceptional amount of time. I mean this in the sense that there ...
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How big were the Siberian Traps originally?

252 million years ago, Siberia was subject to a mass series of flood basalt eruptions, creating a large igneous province called the Siberian Traps. Today, it measures three million square miles (7.77 ...
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What rock layer is beneath the Vishnu Basement Rock in the Grand Canyon?

I read that the deepest part of the Grand Canyon that we can see are the Vishnu Basement Rocks, deposited 2 billion years ago (according to the Grand Canyon Wikipedia page). But what kind of rock lies ...
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What local formation am I drilling?

I'm having a water well drilled on my property. The drilling crew has been working since Wednesday. They are using an airlift rig with a 6in bore. They are at 300ft and only have 4gpm. I would really ...
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How to create Indonesian environmental conditions in India?

Need to create and maintain Biofloc for fish farming in India, it's really successful in Indonesia and I believe it's due to environmental conditions. Can we replicate the same in India?
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