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Best way to analyze changes in locally triggered convective precipitation? Isolating from MCSs?

I have been analyzing hourly precipitation data from stations X, Y, and Z, spanning from 1980 to 2020. My focus is on understanding the trends and triggers behind the gradual increase in afternoon ...
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Earth science dataset for binary classification

I'm a statistician looking for a dataset in earth science for a binary classification task, i.e., the response variable should be binary. My goal is to test a newly developed version of the invariant ...
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How is layer compaction degree designed to be ≥90% in lower layers and ≥ 95% in the upper 5 ft in a railway embankment?

I am currently working at the Tren Maya project in México as part of the planing department; anyways I studied a Masters degree, and looking at the executive project, there are some parameters I’ve ...
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What qualities of a crop are measured?

The kind of crop I am interested in measuring is the cabbage. I am currently in the midst of doing an academic research entitled "An Experimental Quantitative Study on Crops' Growth on Natural vs ...
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Broadband Albedo Conversion Scheme

I had this albedo conversion written down: $$\alpha = 0.53\alpha_{VIS}+0.47\alpha_{NIR}$$ I had on my notes that this equation was form Collins et al (2002). However, I cannot find where this came ...
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In meteorology, are satellite data "better" than reanalysis data?

More specifically, can it be argued that satellite data are more reliable because they are direct measurements of physical quantities, while reanalysis data depend on the processing and merging of ...
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How reanalysis data influence our research/results?

I am a student and I have a very simple and yet important question about reanalysis data. Recently, I attended a workshop where various other students discussing the use of ERA5 reanalysis data on ...
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Why estimate evapotranspiration using machine learning techniques while we can calculate it with Penmann Monteith equation?

I find many researchers use Machine Learning Techniques and Algorithms to calculate the EvapoTranspiration, while there’s also the Penmann Monteith equation that gives us the result. Does this say we ...
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Is this milky quartz a stone age tool? [closed]

I found this piece of quartz at Benbo Mt Co. Sligo Ireland.There are many Megaliths in this area in the Dartry Mt range.Its 3 inches in length and appears to have been fashioned as a tool.I found it ...
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Measuring Transect Length on Sea Floor

I was wondering if anybody had any insight or thoughts on a technological bottleneck we are facing in data collection. Basically, we have vessels (single operator) dig the substrate for collection ...
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What are the most notable papers in tropical cyclone research?

A quick Google scholar search indicates that 243,000 papers have the words "Tropical Cyclone." While scientific literature is considered valuable (predatory publishing and pseudo-scientific journals ...
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1 answer

Do archaeologists deliberately leave parts of sites untouched so that someone can come back later? [closed]

Thinking about all the new technologies and techniques that are available to archaeologists now compared to even 50 years ago, it occurred to me that there might be considerable benefit to leaving ...
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10 votes
2 answers

Do warnings verify better nearer radars?

As radar beams travel away from radars, they increase in elevation and widen. Have any studies attempted to quantify the rate at which warning skill (such as in FAR and POD) deteriorates as a ...
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There is soil in Archean? [closed]

Following a mobilista approach over geological time, and considering the Earth's internal heat as responsible for tectonic regime, which was involved in the "Permobile type" during the early times of ...
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What is the difference between climate change and global warming?

1. Question: In the article, Global Warming vs. Climate Change is an example of the confusion regarding these terms. What are the "official" definitions of "Climate Change" and "Global Warming"? ...
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