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Are there minerals that can't scratch each other but have different hardness on Mohs scale?

So I was reading here that Mohs scale is not transitive and therefore could not overcome the comparative phase in order to be turned into a measurement procedure. As it is written in the webpage, &...
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How are weather intensity scales created?

I am interested in the development of scales to measure extreme weather. For example, the Enhanced Fujita Scale for measuring the intensity of tornadoes, etc. How were they created? OK sure, I know ...
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14 votes
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Why are there waves in seas towards shore - even in night?

Waves are mostly caused by Friction of wind on surface of water. Wind blows from sea to land in day and land to sea in night due to pressure and temperature difference. So it is intuitive why there ...
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What covers larger territory: advection fog or frontal fog? [closed]

Between Frontal fog and Advection fog which covers larger territory ? If it's possible, provide some source of information as a proof
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If a very huge Earthquake occured anywhere on Earth could waves emerge to come together again on the opposite side?

Suppose that a super-powerful earthquake occurred anywhere on Earth, say one with the value 10 on Richter's scale. The quake can have any value but as can be read in a comment below the highest value ...
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