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Questions tagged [sea-ice]

Questions about frozen seawater, not about floating icebergs.

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Sea-Ice thickness categories

In the Sea-Ice models they use the Sea-Ice thickness categories. An example is the SIS model of BCC CSM (,
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What are the central institutes that take care of Arctic research?

I am currently looking for data for a thesis. I wanted to ask which marine research institutes outside the European Union (USA, Canada, China, etc.) deal with the Arctic and/or the AMOC.
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How serious is the issue of vast quantities of methane release from an ice-free Arctic?

A bunch of climate scientists claim that humans will go extinct by 2026, when humanity crosses the major tipping point known as "Arctic Blue Ocean Event (BOE)". According to the climate ...
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Are events like the Siberian heat wave factored into models of sea ice decline?

I've been looking at a lot of charts of Arctic Sea Ice lately, wondering when it will be gone, and whether the more extreme predictions are credible. When scientists come up with a chart that points ...
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