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Questions regarding the height of the ocean's surface.

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Mass budget of coastal erosion and ocean deposion

This question made me wonder: how much mass (or volume) of material is eroded by the sea each year? Of this mass, how much is deposited in the oceans? (As Michael pointed out in his answer, part of ...
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How much ocean water is currently being displaced by ships?

According to Statista, as of January 2017, there are approximately 52,000 ships currently operating in the merchant fleet and 11,000 of these are considered bulk carriers. How many ships are there ...
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Rising sea level: flooding of iconic buildings

I realize that this question may be arguably off-topic, but there doesn't seem to be a stack exchange specific to oceanography, geography, or architecture. With rising sea level in mind, how high ...
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Paleo-sea level of the Ionian basin

Q1 - I'm looking for research on paleo-sea level on the Ionian basin. I'm looking for sources that take into account tectonics. Time period: Holocene - 30ka (and if possible, as far as 100ka). I've ...
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How is sea level rise due to a glacier melting calculated?

There's news going around (e.g. link) that the melting of the Thwaites glacier may cause sea levels to rise by 10 feet. Is that true and not exaggerated? How is the calculation made? They said the ...
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Are there any (land) hills/mountains with *peaks* below sea level?

Related to Are there any (land) hills/mountains with bases below sea level?, are there any peaks or cliff below mean sea level which looks out onto even lower land? According to https://elevation....
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The seemingly impossible formation time for the local sea arches and caves

I live in Hong Kong. As a nature lover, I often spend time visiting the south-eastern coasts of Sai Kung Peninsular - a local nature reserve. The area's famous feature is the coastal erosion landscape....
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Are there models of mortality due to sea level increases (via climate change)?

In a self-answer of mine on Skeptics, one of the comments rightly pointed out that the model in question (from Impact Lab) does not explicitly account for mortality due to sea level changes. Are there ...
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Topography and flash flooding

I'm looking for a study or document showing the effect of the topography, slopes, the sea level and the tide on flash flooding occurrence. Thanks in advance
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Changes in rainfalls, sea level and tropical cyclones

Is there any scientific evidence that exploitation of natural resources (fossil energies, forests etc.) affects rainfalls or sea level, which can represent extreme events? I read IPCC 2014 report and ...
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