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How are the ZNE, ZRT and LQT coordinate systems defined?

I'm confused about the direction of Z (upward or downward?), R (outward or toward the source?) and T.
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Seismic dispersion: What does it really mean and what causes it?

Body waves (to some extent) and especially surface waves show dispersive characteristics during propagation. In Dr. Christopher Liner's book [Elements of Seismic Dispersion (2012)], this phenomenon is ...
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What is seismic stretch in geophysical method?

What is seismic stretch in geophysical method ?
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How do we know the speed of S-waves (shear waves) in the Earth's inner core? Has this been measured?

Wikipedia's Seismic wave includes the plot below of the speed of S and P waves as a function of depth in the Earth. In the region of the outer core the speed of S-waves or shear waves is shown to be ...
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