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Free software for simulating the dispersion of air pollution

My team developed a method to detect PM2.5 hotspots in a city using mobile sensor measurements. Now, we want to simulate a validation dataset to test our method. We want simulated data so that we can ...
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Setting specific humidity vertical profile in an LES

I am working with an LES (Large-Eddy Simulation) model, and I want to define the vertical profile of specific humidity (qt) based on a given temperature profile (thl). However, I am not sure how to ...
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How do canyons form?

I read that canyons are the result of long-time erosion from a plateau but is there any simulation I could play with to understand the phenomenon better?
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How can I estimate capacity, erosion rate, and deposit rate of a stream?

I am attempting to create a very simple hydraulic erosion simulation against a heightmap. I am using Manning's equation to calculate velocity and discharge. I have taken samples of Hjulstrom's ...
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Is there a modelling of Wave Rock (Hyden Rock) formation?

I'm interested in the visualization of the formation process of "strange" objects like Wave Rock (flared slope). I've found articles describing hypotheses of the rock formation but I cannot ...
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Wind rose WRF-PYTHON

I'm trying to plot a windrose but I don't know how to get the variables ws and wd. Is there any variable in the wrf output that can be used to make a windrose? I tried with 'wspd' et 'wdir' but I ...
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Energy Density of Porous Rocks

It's very long, I know. But please, don't be discouraged from going through this question if you can help me. The question is at the second to the last paragraph, but you need to read through to ...
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Open-source earth model for climate change

Is there popular open-source project on Earth Model for climate change assessment or global earth simulation ? Best regards, Adrien
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Are there natural-forcings climate projections over the 21st century?

CMIP5 offers natural-forcings-only simulations over 1850-2005, which allows comparison with the historical simulations, which allows us to show how anthropogenic forcings have affected the climate ...
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On which software can I simulate landmass collisions?

Such as in 3D simulations of vehicule crashes but this time with huge rocks or bodies of water (continental plates). I need to be able to set the properties of the material (density, size etc) and see ...
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Different atmospheric models available for personal usage?

We are two high schoolers who would like to embark on a project to simulate the atmospheres of exoplanets. More specifically, we would like to change the atmospheric composition of such planets. We ...
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Visually Realistic Supercell Modeling

Are there any published descriptions of simple equations governing the formation, evolution, and decay of severe storms? Specifically, I am interested in equations that are able to produce tornadoes ...
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Simulating rainy weather

I want to test some 3D weather radar software by simulating rainy weather. I want some degree of realism in the sense that it simulates rain systems and their boundaries and also simulates rain rates ...
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Speed of tectonic plate movement

I'm doing some research about tectonic plates and at which speeds they move and in which directions, because I'm writing a program to simulate the movement of the tectonic plates and also calculate ...
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Which are the best open/free softwares for debris flow and rock fall simulation?

For debris flow,  Flow-R and Titan2D I'm sure are very good, both the softwares themselves and the amount of publications. But for rock falls, it seems the Colorado Rockfall Simulation Program is not ...
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How does the air-circulation in the lower stratosphere look like?

I would like to simulate the trajectory of a weather balloon in an altitude of 12 to 20 km. For this I would like to know how the velocity-field (i.e. wind-speed and direction as a function of ...
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3 answers

Simulating the earths crust

I would like to create a computer simulation which would fold two plane-ish surfaces into two crumpled-ish surfaces. This in order to simulate the earths crust movement and collisions resulting in ...
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Can climate models reliably predict meteorological extremes?

This question is related to and extension of my previous question which was about the methodology used to predict future climatic extremes: What is the methodology to analyze future climatic extremes ...
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Given the well known effects of the inverse turbulence cascade for 2D flow, does it make sense to use grid resolutions that resolve turbulence?

As is well known, 2D simulations of turbulent flows in the ocean follow an inverse energy cascade, as opposed to a forward energy cascade observed in fully 3D flows. Because in 2D fluid filamentation ...
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