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4 votes
1 answer

Is there any information on the height of waves near New Zealand resulting from today's M 8.1 Kermadec Islands earthquake?

The video in this tweet shows the small wave produced at Tokomaru Bay in New Zealand following the M 8.1 - Kermadec Islands, New Zealand 2021-03-04 19:28:31 (UTC) event. These are so far the only ...
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12 votes
1 answer

Tsunami - Mathematical classification

I'm interested in knowing which type of wave a tsunami is, in a strictly mathematical sense. I'm gonna cite from Wikipedia for this: As the tsunami approaches the coast and the waters become ...
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13 votes
2 answers

Forecasting oceanic rogue waves

A rogue wave is, according to NOAA, "a large, unexpected and dangerous" oceanic wave. These are also known as 'killer' or 'freak' waves and have been a part of folklore of the past and observation of ...
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8 votes
2 answers

How are 'Morning Glory' clouds maintained?

Reading the Physics.SE question What is the current physical theory of what causes the 'Morning Glory' roll cloud over Northern Australia? (pictured below): Image source: NASA Astronomy picture of ...
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