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Good modern paper demonstrating differentiation of glauconite and berthierine using xrd or FTIR

I'm looking for a recent paper that demonstrates how one would unambiguously differentiate glauconite from berthierine and have yet to find something useful. I'm running across a lot of papers seeming ...
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How to quantitively compare two seismic waveform data?

Our group has built an Arduino-based device with an MPU6050 to act as our seismometer for our project, with the data being displayed on Amaseis. Our proctor demands that we quantitively assess its &...
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Lead remote sensing?

I am trying to formulate a research topic centered around the environmental effects of general aviation's continued use of leaded gasoline (containing tetraethyllead) to power piston aircraft. In ...
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Is it possible to predict the maximum daily/annual tide height without calculating hourly heights?

It's possible to predict tide at a given location and at a given time reasonably well (e.g. predicting low tide). And there are tools available that make it possible to do this calculation for any ...
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