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Questions tagged [subduction]

The process where denser oceanic crust is forced under continental crust. These convergent boundaries are sites for volcanic arcs.

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Is it ever possible for an continental plate to subduct under an oceanic plate?

It is well known that oceanic plates subduct under continental plates. This may be attributed to the plate's age and density, plus the water on top of it. So I was wondering if it is ever possible for ...
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Volcanoes in the Alps and Himalayas and the subduction of Tethys Sea

Geologist have theorized that the Tethys Sea subducted under Eurasian plates. But where are the volcanoes that would have resulted due to this? Where are the volcanoes in the Alps and the Himalayas?
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When a tectonic plate subducts, does any of the subducted material melt, or is it just the mantle above the subducted slab that melts?

I know that water released from oceanic crust causes melting of the mantle in subduction zones, but does any part of the subducted slab melt as well - such as the sediments on the slab or the basalt? ...
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What are the geological mechanisms for sea floor spreading in the Bismarck Sea?

The North and South Bismarck microplates (north east of Papua New Guinea) are separated by a ridge of sea floor spreading, as described in Oregon State webpage as The tectonics in this part of the ...
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Can $\ce{CaCO3}$ shells contribute to $\ce{CO2}$ emissions in volcanoes within subduction zones?

CaCO3 dissolves below the Carbonate Compensation Depth (CCD). However, this paper suggests that some CaCO3 can exist below the CCD. My question arises from a discussion in this answer. The question is ...
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