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Questions tagged [subduction]

The process where denser oceanic crust is forced under continental crust. These convergent boundaries are sites for volcanic arcs.

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Do tidal forces affect subduction?

I know subduction in plate tectonics is mainly density driven. Probably a hypothetical question, but can weaknesses caused by tidal forces have an influence on the start of a subduction zone? Would ...
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Can $\ce{CaCO3}$ shells contribute to $\ce{CO2}$ emissions in volcanoes within subduction zones?

CaCO3 dissolves below the Carbonate Compensation Depth (CCD). However, this paper suggests that some CaCO3 can exist below the CCD. My question arises from a discussion in this answer. The question is ...
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Can the process of subduction flatten the shape of a subducting plate relative to the plate it's going under?

There's something I’m still not quite getting about why island arcs are arcs. In the examples I’ve seen, the subducting plate is compared to a knife slicing across the surface of an orange - but it ...
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Where are the youngest and oldest subduction zones in the world? Is the dip of the subducting slab proportional with the age of subduction?

I want to learn where the youngest subduction is in the world. Where is the most recently started subduction zone? (The most recent place on Earth that arc magmatism has started) And the oldest ...
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