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What are the inhibiting factors that are hindering ocean wave-based electricity generation?

Considering the amount of available energy there is for the conversion to electricity (ocean waves being endless) I would imagine more attention to this approach by all energy based-companies, as well ...
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How can smartphones help geologists in the field?

Smartphones have incorporated many sensors and some of them can be helpful for a geologist in the field: They have GPS, so it is possible to register your route in a Google Maps map. I find this may ...
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How many people could be fed in this world? [closed]

I have heard in the radio in one discussion between an executor and economist that: The world of a humans have technology with the ability to feed 200 billion of its kind but the existence of 2 ...
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Is there major potential for vertical farming?

You can take up way less square footage for the same amount of production You can eliminate the need for pesticides You can power the farms from renewable energy You can significantly increase growing ...
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What are the environmental effects of leaking hydrogen from large-scale energy storage mechanisms?

I recently have calculated the total cost of an energy system that is based on wind power as the primary power source and hydrogen as the energy storage mechanism. The total system costs are ...
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How can I test the Air Quality?

I'm unable to find good sources to make myself an AQI(Air quality Index) measuring device. All I was able to find was the way it is calculated in different regions. ...
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Can soil color give accurate data about properties which affect it?

I understand that soil color is affected by several factors some of which are (but not limited to): organic matter content underlying parent material drainage and aeration Soil color being an ...
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Would it be wise to monitor real time human activity to anticipate earthquakes?

Documented strange behaviors of animals before an earthquake could invite us to believe that some of them anticipate tectonic activity. We also know that human complex organization makes it difficult ...
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