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Questions tagged [terminology]

Terminology is the study of terms and their use. Terms are words and compound words that in specific contexts are given specific meanings, meanings that may deviate from the meaning the same words have in other contexts and in everyday language.

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Why is the ρστ absorption band called the ρστ absorption band?

Differential absorption in the near-infrared is used to retrieve total column water vapour from MODIS (Gao and Kaufman, 2003), OLCI (Preusker et al., 2021), and others. The idea is that reflected ...
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Blueberries, cauliflower, chert, concretions, accretions and diagenetic crystal clusters on Mars, can you help me sort these all out?

Curiosity has actually seen these types of features before, which are called diagenetic crystal clusters. Diagenetic means the recombination or rearrangement of minerals, and these features consist of ...
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Why the reversed-order terminology for paleocene/eocene and eoarchean/paleoarchean?

I just learned that the eoarchean era comes right before the paleoarchean era, whereas the paleocene epoch comes right before the eocene epoch. This is quite confusing. Is there any sense behind this (...
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Water rushing out to meet wave term

Is there a word for the phenomenon of water seeming to rush out to meet an oncoming wave? Perhaps it's more of a physics terminology question?
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Source of an adage about geologists and their various interpreatations of outcrops

I once heard (read? I can't remember) an adage which stated something like this (my recall): Show an outcrop to X geologists, you'll end up with X different interpretations about its formation. (I ...
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Understanding certain phrases in the article "Footwall topographic development during continental extension"

I am currently attempting to read the article "Footwall topographic development during continental extension". The article and its abstract can be found here. When reading the abstract, I ...
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Is there a formally-defined converse of a Prominence Walk?

My question was inspired by this one - in particular, the subtopic of pumping water from the ocean to the below-sea-level basins to deal with rising sea levels (spoiler: it's horribly infeasible and ...
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Longest land path on Afro-Eurasia

Regarding Afro-Eurasia as single continent, I tried to draw longest geodesic line within it and got which is 16628 km (10 332 miles) length. Looks like this line is rather stable and lasts from ...
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