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Investigating the "Leesburg split" rainfall anomaly

I've spent some time in the Leesburg, Virginia (USA) area and I've noticed that whenever a line of thunderstorms approaches the area, it frequently splits and goes around a particular spot just ...
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What are the U.S. government's plans for dealing with the event of Lake Mead drying up in the near future?

I watched a documentary this morning about how the water level on Lake Mead keeps dropping due to a historical 20+ year long drought. The lake's water level has been dropping due to a decrease in ...
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Does lightning strike density decrease over cities?

I've been noticing that large (for the northeast US!) lightning storms seem to lose their lightning as they move over downtown Boston. Example gif below (from today, August 19 2021, ~5 am - 11 am ...
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How is a weather forecast really done?

I am trying to understand the concrete process of how a meteorologist at a weather forecast office produces the different types of weather forecasts. I understand how numerical weather models work, ...
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Is there an average year of weather across the United States?

I am interested in which year has the best representation of average weather across a large area, the contiguous USA. This is challenging since what was average in the Midwest might have been unusual ...
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How to interpret precipitation probability?

Below is the Dallas precipitation forecast I just got (requested from Google at 10am, Nov 29, 2019). From this, what is the probability that a 10cm (diameter) cup placed in a Dallas park from 4:00pm ...
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Predicting the weather in two months [closed]

EDIT 6/13/2020: Actual Jan average from same website was 50.3 °F, which is even above my one-sigma bound, so I failed badly. What did I miss now that we have hindsight? On Nov 1, I looked at the ...
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In the USA, are pesticides regulated differently for animal vs human consumption? [closed]

I'm looking into growing edible oyster mushrooms. I'm considering using whole-oat horse feed in the growing process. I realize that additional steps are taken to ensure food is fit for human ...
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Why is the bedrock buried so deeply in much of northern Minnesota?

Although parts of northern Minnesota have bedrock exposed at the surface (especially in the Boundary Waters area and along the short of Lake Superior), the more usual situation here is for the bedrock ...
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How much water gets consumed by residential use versus all other uses?

I have read different statistics on residential water use. One EPA chart I saw had residential use of water taking up half of all water, which seems unbelievable to me. Another writer claimed that ...
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