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2 answers

Why does phosphate rock contain uranium?

I have been doing some research on the issue of phosphogypsum pollution. Phosphogypsum is a waste by-product formed with the "wet process" method of extraction of phosphoric acid out of ...
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What percent of the Earth's core is uranium?

What percent of the Earth's core is uranium? And how much of the heat at the core is from radioactive decay rather than other forces?
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2 answers

Natural nuclear explosions

I'm aware of the Oklo reactor and other natural nuclear fission reactors, in which geological processes can lead to the formation of a sustained, self-regulating uranium fission reactor. Is it also ...
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How much Uranium is there in the Earth's Crust?

Are there any estimates of the amount of Uranium there is in Earth's Crust? From what I know, it's supposed that there are large amounts of Uranium in Earth's Core, the decay of which is responsible ...
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Why are salt domes suitable for the final disposal of nuclear waste?

I keep reading that final storage sites for nuclear waste are being built in salt domes. In the case of the German Gorleben project, the salt domes were determined to be unsuitable after prolonged ...
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Why does Australia have extensive uranium ore deposits?

According to the World Nuclear Energy page about Australia's uranium deposits, the continent's known uranium resources are the world's largest – 31% of the world total. Of which In 2013 ...
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Did an impact crater influence the formation of uranium deposits in South Australia?

As a supplementary question Did an impact crater cause the formation of the gas fields in north eastern South Australia . South Australia is a well documented uranium province. Could an impact crater, ...
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Does Earth's magnetic field arise from a fission reactor in its core?

I heard about the georeactor hypothesis (Herndon, 1993), which claims that there is a natural atomic fission reactor in the Earth's core giving rise to the geomagnetic field. Further, Herndon claims ...
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2 answers

Unwarranted claim of higher degree of accuracy in zircon geochronology

The uncertainty in the half life of uranium-238 is stated at 0.05% [1]. The same paper gives the date 251.941 myr ± 31 kyr. 251.941 $\times$ 0.05% = 125 kyr. How are the authors justified in ...
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Uranium Deposits in the Ocean?

I was wondering whether there are any uranium deposits in the ocean floor, or in the rock walls of the continental shelf, etc. I was hoping to have some deep sea uranium deposits accessible from the ...
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Could a natural fission reactor form in Cigar Lake?

Small localized deposits of 60%wt Uranium were found in Cigar Lake, Canada during the ‘90’s. If an exposed rich deposit like this were covered by sedimentary carbon from eroding rock, layering ...
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Why is uranium only in the crust, really?

As I know, uranium is currently thought that it is mainly in the crust and not in the core or in the mantle. The reason for that it is a siderophile element which means it won't be solved in molten ...
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Where to start searching to find more radioactive minerals?

I'm pretty new to all this... I've recently purchased a Geiger counter, and am hoping to locate rocks like pitchblende and other radioactive minerals for my collection. I'm based in the North West ...
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Is there any correlation between Australia's uranium deposits and the unique animals?

Australian animals are very different than the rest of the world. I wonder if the radiation of Australia's Uranium deposits have anything to do with why animals uniquely evolved? For instance, ...
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