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Why are eastern Oregon and southeastern Washington so dry?

Why are eastern Oregon, southeastern Washington and southern Idaho so arid, as compared to the humid and lush western Oregon and Washington? In Oregon and Washington there is quite an abrupt boundary ...
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Suspended sediment yield

I am finding it difficult to understand the factors that affect the suspended sediment yield in an area. I was thinking of the Rouse number and how it is affected by the particle diameter, slope and ...
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Why is bush encroachement a bad thing?

From what I've read about bush encroachment, it is most often made to sound as a bad thing, potentially as a symptom of land degradation. This sounds counterintuitive to me because bush encroachment ...
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When we're talking about the tree line, does it include mountain pines?

In the mountains, the tree line marks the elevation above which there are no more trees growing. Do those little mountain pines such as the ones in this image (it failed to upload for some reason) ...
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Understanding Vegetation Indices values

I am using VIs such as NDVI, RENDVI, SAVI, SAVI2 etc. What I cannot understand is what do the values that I read stand for. It is not obvious, and it is logic, because each VI is made of different ...
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Boundary between areas having frequent versus infrequent forest fires

In some parts of North America, such as California, the climax ecosystem has frequent forest fires -- that is, relatively dry forest that in absence of human intervention would burn perhaps every ...
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Normalized Difference Vegetation Index sensitivity to soil

A lot of papers mention that Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) is sensitive to soil background such as bare soil. My question is what is the exact reason behind the impact of soil on NDVI? ...
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Why autumn follows the rainy season

My location is India (this is to mention the context). The question I submit here is a common man's query (the level of this question and the expected answer). Water is essential for the growth of ...
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How did forests end up covering pyramids?

I went to Mexico and the pyramids are covered by vegetation. It's only after archeologists clean them that you can actually see the pyramids. Before that they looked like a natural hill, with soil, ...
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How did these grassy hillsides in Colombia become terraced?

In Colombia, many grassy hillsides are terraced, like in the photo below. This terracing also occurs on hillsides that never had these palm trees on them. I assume that it also occurs outside of ...
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Why does foliage coloration vary on north/south sides of ridge (Northeast USA)?

I recently flew into New Jersey over the Delaware river and took this photo of the ridgeline at the Delaware Water Gap. The trees are mostly green (early October) but on the south-east side of the ...
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Importance of soil adjusted vegetation indices for indoor use

I've been doing research on vegetation indices to try and prepare for my indoor plant analysis project. I have a question about soil adjustments, specifically soil line based indices like PVI. Is ...
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Does anyone know a book/article/research that talks about forest fire prevention?

In my college we have to start our thesis in the third semester, so I'm going to do a research about forest fire and its prevention. However, I'm struggling to find a article that talks about that ...
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Natural spiral pattern of grass - what could cause this?

During a nature walk inside an old abandoned quarry I stumbled upon strange spirals that appear to be naturally formed. What could cause this spiral formation? Is it a known phenomena? To clarify , ...
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In search of California ecosystem vegetation field guide

I am searching for an illustrated naturalist handbook to coastal California vegetation (trees, shrubs, wildflowers) organized by ecosystem. For example, there might be sections for coastal dunes (...
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How to get single value of NDVI value from four different directions?

I have a data set which contains NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) values of four directions (NE, NW, SE, SW). Now, I would like to have single value which considers all 4 directions. Is ...
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What field studies have developed or supported the Penman-Monteith equations for estimating evapotranspiration?

I'm trying to understand transpiration estimation methods. The FAO recommends a standard Penman-Monteith methodology for modeling evapotranspiration based on meteorological and vegetation parameters (...
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Can anyone give share reference for quadrat size in vegetation

In sampling vegetation, what is the size of a quadrat needed? And I need a reference too plz. If the type matters, pick any vegetation all I need is an example of crops and the quadrat size. With ...
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GIMMS NDVI3g grid cells not entirely square-shaped?

The official data description of the recently updated GIMMS NDVI3g record describes the grid parameters of the dataset as follows. ...
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What is the error in bathymetric observations in the presence of vegetation?

How can we determine the error associated with bathymetric measurements when we survey over submerged vegetation? Let's say we are using single-beam echo-sounder over a patch of Posidonia, what are ...
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vegetation types and their required or suitable climate condition

I am doing a variability analysis for landcover in Western Ghats region. I have various vegetation classes such as: evergreen (needle leaf, broad leaf), decidious (needle leaf, broad leaf), ...
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