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Questions tagged [volcanic-eruption]

A volcanic eruption happens when magma reaches the surface, either effusively (as lava) or explosively (as tephra).

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How have Icelandic geologists determined the position and length of the magma under Grindavík?

The Iceland Met Office website has a status page at It has mentioned using models to determine the location and ...
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How common are volcanic-induced rain events?

Last year I did an online summer course on remote sensing of volcanoes held by the University of Hawaii at Hilo. During the course, we had a presentation about the monitoring campaign during the 2018 ...
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In which conditions ignimbrites devitrifies?

Devitrification is the crystallization of volcanic glass to crystals. Obsidian groundmass -black in color- turns to white with devitrification. I want to learn why devitrification takes place. ...
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How was the Mozambique Belt formed

I'm looking for some of the most comprehensive or significant articles on the Mozambique Belt in East Africa. If anyone can recommend some specific papers regarding the Geological history of the belt ...
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Should I perform EOF analysis on an unevenly-spaced time series?

I have a dataset of sample concentrations of several ions/elements (Ca 2+, SO4 2-, K +, S, Ca, V, etc.) from an ice core which I am using to detect volcanic eruptions. The raw version of the dataset ...
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