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Why were no interferometers launched on weather satellites between the '69-'72 IRIS-D and the 2002-onward AIRS?

As early as the late 1960s / early 1970s, Nimbus-3 carried Iris-B and Nimbus-4 carried Iris-D, both infrared spectroradiometers with a moderate spectral resolution. Subsequently, I believe it was not ...
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5G interference with weather observation, a thing already?

The scientific community expressed concern that global 5G would potentially threaten weather forecasts by scrambling frequencies in the microwave spectrum used for water vapor, atmospheric temperature ...
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Global Land and Sea Surface Temperature Data

We are a spin-off from TU Munich and currently working on equipping a CubeSat with a thermal imager. The imager should be able to acquire thermal/ir images with resolution of about 200m/px. In the ...
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Is archived lightning data from the GOES-16 beta test available?

I was only able to find real-time data. Or do I have to wait until the Geostationary Lightning Mapper is greenlit for production in 2018?
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Visible satellite imagery, atmospheric anomaly (descending air) in cumulus fields?

When looking at GOES satellite imagery, in the visible channels. I have noticed these "lines" if you will, usually forms in Cumulus fields. I understand the process of the 'Mackerel sky' (...
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Why do tethered aerostats have lower persistence than stratospheric balloons?

We have been thinking of using Aerostats/Balloons for an environmental monitoring project in our university. We have been considering 2 options: Tethered Aerostats (which fly upto 1 km) and ...
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Quantifying long term melt record on glacier surface

I intend to create a long term melt record on a glacier surface. What are parameters required to efficiently calculate the same using satellite, weather station observations & reanalysis datasets (...
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Limitations of satellite radar for precipitation measurement?

Companies like are promising satellite-based weather radar. However, I can easily imagine several flaws (especially in combination with the greater distance to storms than a ground-based ...
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Since when are there global air temperature measurements?

I keep reading that global air temperature has been recorded since 1880, but considering that it wasn't until 1911 that Amundsen became the first person to reach the South Pole, it cannot be assumed ...
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How can I relate aerosol particle size (2, 5 and 10 microns) with the aerosol index measurement of the Sentinel-5P (TROPOMI) data sets?

I would like to know the relation of aerosol particle size (2,5 and 10 microns) with the measurements from the Sentinel-5P TROPOMI data, in the wavelengths 340-380 and 358-388 nm bands.
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