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How fast does sand degrade into silt, and silt into clay?

I am talking to some students about how soil changes, and I've heard from soil samplers that the texture of the soil, i.e. whether it is sand, silt or clay, doesn't change in a human lifetime. It ...
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Are these igneous Liesegang rings on a popular Oahu, Hawaii hike?

I hiked the Lanikai Pillbox trail (Oahu, HI). I noticed eroded concentric rings in the igneous rock with a hard center. I'm unable to find the geologic cause of these rings. Are they Liesegang rings? ...
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Arabian Desert rock formation

I'm interested about this rock formation in Arabian desert. The rock looks like melting chocolate. Not sure where the exact Location, the source says it around Al-Ula, Saudi Arabia. Here the image ...
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The seemingly impossible formation time for the local sea arches and caves

I live in Hong Kong. As a nature lover, I often spend time visiting the south-eastern coasts of Sai Kung Peninsular - a local nature reserve. The area's famous feature is the coastal erosion landscape....
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How to genetically classify a mineral resulted from weathering?

I am writing a mineral guide for smartphones which classifies minerals according to their formation environment. From sugestions on this related question, I changed the classification to: ...
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Why is diabase/dolerite erosion resistant?

Diabase is often considered to be relatively erosion resistant. We can generally find diabase dikes cross-cutting various strata through the geologic landscape, wherein, the diabase dike or sill is ...
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Is there a widely accepted reason for the formation of tafoni?

Expansion of tafoni seems to be based on weathering (seems reasonable enough.) But what creates them in the first place? There are a number of explanations online (Wikipedia lists eight plausible ...
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What caused those colorations in bedrock?

I took those photos in a hurry (sorry, the color is a bit off due to low light, the first picture is the most distorted one). It struck me that the discolorations seem to follow the fissures in the ...
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Erosion without weathering?

In one of my Geography books, the following sentence is written: Though weathering aids erosion, it is not a pre-condition for erosion to take place. How can I justify this? Almost all the forms of ...
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How is this crumbly crystal-rich rock formed?

I found this crumbly rock embedded in the channel walls of a small creek in Everett, WA, USA. (North Creek that flows through McCollum Park.) If possible, I'd like to know how the rock formed... what ...
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How long does it take for a stone to alter?

We see stones and they appear to be the same throughout our life time. Mountains also appear to not significantly change. So do mountains and stones decompose? What is the life span of a stone? After ...
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