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An objective measure of hot and cold, typically measured by a thermometer.

Your question is similar to this one: Deciphering NCDC data In the comments for that question I posted the following two comments which will most likely answer your questions: regarding the usage …
answered Jun 21 '15 by Fred
weather in the western two-thirds of the continent. Alice Springs (lat:-23.8, long: 133.89) is in the centre of the continent. It's weather observations for 11 August 2015 reveal the temperature … sub tropics, in the central north of the country, the temperature range for 11 August 2015 was $19.7$ $^oC$ to $30.1$ $^oC$, while the dew point range was $15.4$ $^oC$ to $19.8$ $^oC$. Perth (lat …
answered Aug 12 '15 by Fred
The inner core of the Earth is a large sphere of nickel-iron alloy. Surrounding this is the molten inner core which has a temperature of approximately 5400 ℃. The source of heat that keeps the …
answered Mar 16 '16 by Fred
the northern latitudes to the southern latitudes. This brought a significant amount of cold air to Hong Kong which caused the temperature to drop. If you look at Manila, in the Philippines, it is a … relatively short distance from Hong Kong. It's temperature is 27 degrees Celsius compared to 21 for Hong Kong. If you look at the first picture, there is a low pressure system just to the west of the …
answered Oct 12 '15 by Fred
The formation of dew is due to atmospheric moisture and temperature. Given that dew forms on all sides of your car at your mother's house, this makes me think the car is more exposed at you mother's … house so that the car is uniformly cold and the temperature of the car is at, or below, the dew point. With dew only forming on one side of the car when at your father's house, this tends to infer …
answered Jan 15 '16 by Fred
also affected by moisture; very little over dry hot deserts and more over oceans, lakes, large water reservoirs and forests, due to transpiration from trees. The temperature differentials result in …
answered Jun 20 '15 by Fred
to heat energy that resists freezing on the molecular level and subsequent crystallization. For flowing water to freeze, the temperature would have to be exceptionally cold. …
answered Feb 3 '15 by Fred
Given the insulating effect of 6370 km of rock (the average radius of the Earth) & its low thermal conductivity, if the temperature at the center of the earth was 18 °C it contribution to warming the … atmosphere would be negligible. The temperature at the center of the Earth is about 7000 °C, while the average temperature of the surface is about 10 °C. So if the temperature at the Earth's center was 18 °C its contribution to the surface temperature would be exceedingly small. …
answered Jan 9 '17 by Fred
geothermal gradient is between ${25 ^o C/km}$ & ${30 ^o C/km}$. At some locations the gradient can vary between ${15.4 ^o C/km}$ & ${102.6 ^o C/km}$. The temperature of the air will increase with depth due … to auto-compression of the air (also known as lapse rate). [Environmental Engineering of South African Mines, 1989, pp 403-404]. The increase in dry bulb temperature of air due to auto-compression is …
answered May 30 '15 by Fred
and within each layer the temperature profile is different. The red line in the following US standard atmosphere graph shows the temperature profile of the atmosphere. The temperature profile is …
answered Feb 24 '16 by Fred