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The total area burned was 12.6 million hectares, or 126,000 square kilometers. This is equivalent to: The US state of North Carolina (125,920 sq km) The US state of New York (122,057 sq km) The US state of Mississippi (121,531 sq km) North Korea (120, 408 sq km) 96% of Greece (130,647 sq km) 52% of the United Kingdom (241,930) 36% of Germany (348,672 sq km) ...


...measured in mol/m² within the total or tropospheric column. Is it possible to deduce concentrations for a specific slice of the troposphere? Not really, since you have a crucial bit of information missing: the vertical distribution. Your alternatives are: Combine satellite data with a model to estimate near-surface NO₂. The model may be able to ...


The source of SO2 is the smelter associated with the Jezkazgan (Zhezkazgan, Жезказган) copper mine, mined by Kaz Minerals. The complex also produces sulfuric acid. If you check for the other atmospheric pollutants with, you will see associated particulate matter - PM 2.5 and PM 10.

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