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Sky color of a proterozoic earth with a Canfield ocean

I'm guessing that hydrogen sulfide was not intended as the direct reason for being 'Under a Green Sky', either in the Proterozoic between Huronian and Cryogenian glaciations, or in Phanerozoic ...
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What is the climate footprint of burning lignite coal - once you account for the athmosheric cooling effect of sulfur dioxide?

Sulfur dioxide, as such, does not cool the atmosphere. The cooling comes about when the sulfur dioxide is oxidized in the presence of moisture to produce dilute sulfuric acid in the form of aerosol; ...
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Terraforming and maintaining a habitable atmosphere on Mars

It depends on what gases one wants the atmosphere to contain. Mars has a lower gravitational acceleration than Earth, mainly due to is smaller size. This lower level of gravity, combined with the ...
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Is equivalent potential temperature constant also for dry adiabatic processes?

Yes. Since the later term doesn't change during dry adiabatic processes and the former neither, the equivalent potential temperature $\theta_e$ does also stay constant for dry adiabatic processes. ...
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Does airglow intensity systematically change during the night?

There is a measurable decay of airglow radiance during the night. Here's an example measurement of $\mathrm{OH}^-$ infrared emissions ($\sim2\,\mathrm{\mu m}$ wavelength) done on Mauna Kea in ref. 1: ...
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