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What is technically wrong with Wijngaarden & Happer's paper claiming to show that CO2's contribution to surface warming is saturated?

To answer the original question about CO2 saturation, I'll describe spectral absorption. Each gas in the atmosphere absorbs light at specific wavelengths, and some wavelengths are absorbed more than ...
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Solar irradiance/radiation difference

Technically (at least in solar energy industry): Irradiance is the instant power of solar radiation per unit area, it is measured in W/m2 (it is instantaneous, therefore no time dimension in the ...
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Interpretation of Mie scattering

Based on the comments and after a lot of trial and error plus reading carefully the Miepython documentation (!), I managed to answer my question: For the problem that I wasn't able to reproduce ...
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How does a volcanic eruption cool the planet's surface?

What I'm interested in is how exactly this cooling happens. Which is correct: the atmosphere is experiencing a deficit of input energy, or the surface is experiencing a deficit of input energy, which ...
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Estimate EPW AMY parameters from HRRR Analysis

The HOMER documentation for solar radiance Describes how Extraterrestrial Horizontal Radiation and Extraterrestrial Direct Normal Radiation are calculated. These are theoretical quantities that ...
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Why is dependence of radiation forcing on CO2 concentration logarithmic?

Just wondering about your statement above: "Since this higher layer has usually lower temperature, less energy is irradiated an, therefore, the planet will warm up". This doesn't sound ...
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How does water vapor cool the troposphere?

Let's for a moment think about the troposphere consisting of stacked layers. The anvil clouds can only be found in the upper layer of the troposphere, since this is where they have to extend ...
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