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Pollen is one of many types of cloud condensation nuclei (CCN). So can you make clouds without pollen? Yes, but you still need other sources of CC. Don’t fall into the false dilemma that pollen is a requirement for cloud formation. The more soluble the CCN is, the easier it is to form a cloud (see Koehler theory). Can a cloud be formed without CCN? I saw it ...


The reason the Holocene began about 12000 years ago was because that was when Northern Hemisphere summers were hot but short. Those hot summers started a melting process. Right now, July is when the Earth is furthest from the Sun. This makes Northern Hemisphere summers long but mild. That is one of the key conditions that enables a glaciation to start. In ...


If you speak on calendar seasons base then spring is definitely colder than autumn. March is similar to December (slightly warmer) when September is similar to June (slightly cooler). If you go on astronomical seasons base then things will be different. March is similar to the period of year November 20 - December 20.

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