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CO2 does NOT control Earth's Climate, it plays a role, but so do other factors., in it's long geologic and shorter term histories. It played a role when CO2 was 10x that of present. Even so we had an Ice Age during the Ordivician (4,400 ppm). Jurassic cooling period (1,700 ppm) The biggest influencer is the Sun. magnetic anomolies, sunspots, milankovitch ...


First Venus has a very thick carbon dioxide atmosphere that traps heat. Wile mars also has a carbon dioxide atmosphere but unlike Venus it is very thin and mars is much further from the sun and there for can't really trap much heat.


It is not an invariable and unavoidable correlation between economic growth and growth of CO2 emissions. Civilisation relying heavily on fossil fuels for energy will make CO2 levels rise as it grows but there are now other options for large scale energy production. Civilisation with zero emissions primary energy can grow without CO2 levels rising.

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