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How can we have "floating" and convection currents in a non-liquid mantle?

Is the mantle solid? It's all a matter of timescales. The mantle is undoubtedly solid (except locally in the uppermost regions where melting can occur) but on a long enough timescale it can display ...
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How can we have "floating" and convection currents in a non-liquid mantle?

Humans have difficulty visualizing how rocks flow because the required conditions are outside our everyday experience. We are familiar with surface temperatures and pressures, and geologically short ...
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What are the best maps, if any, we have of the convection cells in the Earth's mantle?

If you're looking for a cool, well detailed map of convection cells that looks like a modern weather map....forget it. What you're looking for has been notoriously difficult to produce, if not ...
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What "blobs" of molten material in Earth's interior are responsible for the rapidly moving north pole? Where are these blobs exactly?

The "blobs" referred to in the IFLS article are, more correctly, areas of strong magnetic flux at the Earth's surface. The term "blob" is not scientifically significant, it just refers to a region ...
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How can we have "floating" and convection currents in a non-liquid mantle?

I'd like to add to the correct answers already given. Solids can flow and deform without being a liquid. You can bend iron bars. You can dent plastic. You can squeeze nylon bags. The cotton on your t-...
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If I build a concrete surface on a 1km x 1km area and painted it black, will I create convection (updraft from ground)?

Yes. You don't even need concrete or black paint, just a plowed field will do, or grass vs forest, a south facing slope... (Ask anyone who's done much sailplane flying.) How high the convection ...
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Intuitive definition of the Monin-Obukhov length?

It is not clear that the Obukhov length has an exact physical interpretation. The length L is certainly a length that dimensional argument shows to follow from the set of basis parameters that Monin ...
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T-phigram satellite derived sounding vs model output question

As already commented; a good indicator for rain in soundings is that the lower troposphere is saturated by water. Individual saturated levels would imply moisture, but if the moisture doesn't reach ...
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Which equations describe complete (or near complete) behaviour of magma moving through rocks?

From McKenzie's original 1984 paper and from Spiegelman & McKenzie (1987) paper the equations that govern the conservation of momentum and mass of a low-viscosity fluid melt (magma) in a ...
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