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The Somali Desert is in the rain shadow region of the Ethiopian Highlands. This has contributed to the aridity of the region. The diversion of moist air to the low-pressure regions in the South West Monsoon of Asia. This is a paraphrased piece of text from Quora. It is Notable how dry Somali is, which I regularly notice when looking at maps, how the color ...


Rough calculations: A 747 burns about 10000 kg of fuel an hour. Assuming it burned hydrogen at the same rate it would produce about 100000 kg (or litres) of water an hour. Flying at 1000 km/hr that means it produces 100 litres of water per kilometre of flight, or 0.1 litre of water per metre. Lets assume all of this water drops vertically below the plane in ...


Jet fuel is hydrocarbons, so their exhaust is partly water, which is responsible for the visible contrails. How Airplane Contrails Are Helping Make the Planet Warmer suggests that the main climate effect is warming, not rain.


Making the Sahara Green would be almost Impossible, The Sahara is naturally dry due to Rotation Patterns, In fact, the Sahara was once green, maybe the technique you presented would work for Small Deserts which are caused by Climate change. There are click-bait articles that disagree with me, This one talks about turning the Sahara into a rainforest which is ...

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