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The enzymes from maggots bred on plastic allowed ground up larva paste to also digest. I believe they were able to isolate and synthetically generate the enzymes. Seemed like they can really just apply and let sit, but they probably narrowed down thermal and pressure conditions for maximum enzyme effectiveness.


Welcome to Earth Science SE! I actually think this belongs on the Sustainability SE more than the Earth Science SE. But, in the spirit of giving an answer, I'll try to answer it (probably more my opinion, but I have sources and reasoning to back it up). I think it really depends on what you mean by capacity. The discredited Malthusian ideas still have many ...


The population is degradatively and unsustainably overconsuming Everyone truthful agrees the above statement. The keywords are degradatively and destructively for people and crowds. Few people deny that. The seas are already being overfished with many species collapsed to low volume stocks, the land is intensely overfarmed with cocktails of chemicals and ...


The FAO estimate that we use 11% of the Earth's surface area for agriculture, and that that represents approximately a third of the land that 'could' be used ( If we accept that current agricultural production is at a level that allows the current population to live healthy lives that implies that we could triple ...

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