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Is their son THEIR son? IQ I dont need


I usually refer to two free of charge sources for administrative division maps: for Europe, as in your case (I hope they still hold the maps of UK even after Brexit...) you can use the official NUTS - Nomenclature of territorial units for statistics maps from EUROSTAT available here; EUROSTAT has also a regularly updated dataset of the official boundaries ...


Most maps of Great Britain derive from the maps published by Her Majesty's Ordnance Survey. The official website is and the sales page says that for £23.99 you can get a 1 year subscription to a digital app that gives you the ability to export in the GPX digital format. A crowd sourced version working on a map of the world ...


What you are seeing is mostly different projections. Look at the last two images. The penultimate image has latitude lines that are straight and parallel to one another, longitude lines that are straight and parallel to one another, and the latitude and longitude are orthogonal to one another. The latitude lines are curved in the last image. The longitude ...

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