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Is there a theoretical maximum size limit for a rock?

In itself, it is very complex to claim what a stone is. However, the industry has to define it. For example, if a track ballast has to be covered with "stones", the stone factory has to know ...
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Is there a theoretical maximum size limit for a rock?

Uluru, in central Australia, is also referred to as a inselberg or a monolith. It was once known as Ayers Rock before its indigenous name was adopted. The dimensions of Uluru are: Length - 3.6 km ...
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Does this support Hapgood's Earth Crust Displacement Theory?

No This is not evidence for anything of the sort. Just because you have an egg in your stomach after eating one, it doesn't mean you were hatched from an egg. Unlike some other pseudo-scientific ideas,...
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Will a Mohs hardness scratch pen need to be replaced or resharpened?

I'm sure there are cheaper versions for it. But to answer your question, it's more of a investment for a lifetime and no need to worry about buying new ones in the next 20-30 years.

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