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Some kind of "rock glacier" or morainr? source


The idea that the heat of the earth is from the time of its formation dates back to the late 1800s before radioactivity was known. Unfortunately for that theory it was shown that an initial blob of molten rock would cool to a solid chunk, radiating its heat into space, in a few tens of millions of years. When radioactivity was discovered it was seen as a ...


I understand the term "four-way closure" to be a dome (structural). If that is what you mean... In that case the 2 structures are similar, but domes are rather symmetrical, whiles anticlines are very asymmetrical, to the extend that we only consider them having to limbs. Although technically speaking anticlines have four, just like domes. Those ...


Your issue is an issue for all types of mining near residential or built up areas, not just manganese mining. The distance that mines should be from built up areas depends on the competency of the ground whether the ground is hard or soft the type of explosive used - more particularly the energy released by the explosives used. This influences the blast ...

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