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Why do the earth sciences use mega-annum instead of mega-year?

Yes and no. One annum ago is defined as 365.25 days. But a Julian year is not defined in seconds and so is not an SI unit. We live with a mixed system. And how do we pronounce 1 Ma ? If you are french ...
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What do you call boulders of non sedimentary rock that were lithified into sandstone?

I believe the term you are looking for is "Intraclast". That is, an allochthonous clast (one not formed in situ) that is not a single grain or mineral, but a rock composed of multiple other ...
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What useful information could an ancient "mining compass" yield?

Geologists still use geological compasses in both open pit and underground mining to measure orientation of geological structures, as they map in the field, to analyze and document the geometry of ...
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