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The question of where are the Oiler poles are right now is not of particular interest. I find it curious that the one for the North American plate lies roughly close to the famous "Muertes Archipelago" ;-)


New(ish) work on the matter: tl,dr: "Modern style" plate tectonics may be (at least) as old as 2.2Gy, probably having started 2.5Gy. Expanding as requested: The paper is not paywalled. It is about a metamorphic (by temperature and pressure altered) rock that fits in a regime that is typically connected to ...


There is no thermal expansion of the Earth. On the contrary, the Earth is very gradually cooling, and therefore shrinking, but so gradually that the effects are imperceptible and perhaps in the short term unmeasurable. You can see the process at work on Mars, which has over the course of 4.5 billion years lost much of its internal heat owing to its smaller ...


How things feel is partly psychological and often doesn't have a purely physical explanation. If you run a hot bath and the water from the tap starts to feel tepid, plunge your hand into the very hot water with which the bath is filled. Hold it there for a minute or two, then put it under the tepid tap. The water will feel stone cold, though when tested with ...

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