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How to find molarity of a fertilizer?

You probably mean 50kgN/ha, which sounds like a plausible number for fertilizer application. I don't know what you are doing exactly, but you need to know how much surface area your soil sample ...
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Is there a high-temperature, non-magnetic glue that doesn't dissolve in water?

Your question is quite similar to one that I asked some time ago, with the additional requirement that the glue be insoluble in water, which unfortunately excludes sodium and potassium silicate. Like ...
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Can the formation of gypsum evaporites (sand roses) be simulated in the lab?

Yes, it has. Cody & Cody (1998), Journal of Sedimentary Research. Abstract: Gypsum crystals were grown in ...
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Is it possible to create an enclosed manmade weather system?

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) offers a rotating tank setup. This so-called 'weather tank' enables a large set of experiments demonstrating a wide range of phenomena that occur in the ...
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