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Global areas below sea level dataset?

You could try building one using a global Digital Elevation Model. There are several freely available like TanDEM-X, SRTM, or ASTER GDEM. You'd have to look for all the pixels containing a negative ...
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Which parallel divides landmass in half?

Roughly half the land on Earth is north of the Tropic of Cancer (23°N). To estimate this, I just modified the code used by @MyCarta in their answer to "In the northern hemisphere only, what ...
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The Size Hierarchy of a Landmass

Caveat: I'm answering this in a popular context. There may be more technical definitions, which I'd be interested in hearing about. It seems to be generally accepted that continents are not, ...
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Is Bowen ratio an absolute indicator of land surface type based on the amount of heat transfer from the surface?

A very simple answer is that it is related to the demands of the vegetation types and their ability to maximize the net radiation. A "perfect" plant that covered the entire surface would theoretically ...
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