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The places that get the hottest temperatures are close to the equator but not necessarily on the equator. They will be low lying places, perhaps below sea level, and 'enjoying' a continental climate. For the record books, they will also need to be places where a climatologist passes through at the right time to measure it. I see you mention some record ...


Here is an archived comment on NASA’s Earth Observatory website, regarding an estimated once in 100-400 years equatorial cyclone – typhoon Varmei in December 2001.


Same experience two weeks ago north of Charleston, SC: could very clearly see abundant lightning in the top of a distant bank of clouds east over the ocean at nighttime with no moon. It was spectacular. But the radar showed that storm to be a little over 150 miles out to sea...


As @gansub implicitly suggested, you may have a better outcome by defining the output grid as well. Check this very similar question: How to interpolate scattered data to a regular grid in Python? After comments, I realize I missed the irregular target grid. Maybe this answer helps:

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