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Why are eastern Oregon and southeastern Washington so dry?

Orographic precipitation There are mountain ranges (Coast and Cascade Range) perpendicular to the main wind direction. Mountains don't "block", they force the air on the windward side up, ...
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Why was the flooding in Derna, Libya so catastrophic?

I hesitate to write this answer as I am neither a metereologist, nor a hydrologist, nor a civil engineer with expertise in dams. From what I gather from news reports and available data, the proximate ...
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What is the most optimal latitude on Earth for the generation of extreme maximum temperatures?

Interesting question. I made a quick analysis based on ERA5 climate reanalysis. The maps below show the absolute maximum air temperature at 2 m height above ground (or simply air temperature), derived ...
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Dew-point temperature and absolute humidity

They're not directly equivalent. I think the problem is that "absolute humidity" is used to mean both "a measurement of the actual humidity content of the air" ("absolute&...
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