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How does ERA5 reanalysis data deal with wildfires?

To my knowledge, only specialized studies with small domains are used to model fire behavior in meteorological numeric predictions. Climatological models would be too coarse. Aerosol effects are ...
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Weather patterns and national borders

Certain national borders are lined with mountains, seas, and other geological barriers that do make differences in the climate of the border lands. However, for much of the length of country borders, ...
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Do tropical cyclones impact climate?

I assume that tropical cyclones do not have a great influence on the climate. They do cool the sea surface temperature in the areas where they occur, but not significantly enough to have a global ...
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Difference between GDAS and GFS data

From this page: As I understand, The Global Data Assimilation System (GDAS) is just that, an assimilation system. It takes in ...
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