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Ore reserves represent the economic portion of a mineral deposit. They are reported as tonnes and grade above a minimum value (cut-off grade). Irrespective of whether the ore reserve will be mined by surface or underground methods the deposit is blocked out and the mass of each block and the mass of the valuable commodity (zinc, copper, gold, etc.) is ...


It means there is an estimated 100,000 tonnes of recoverable zinc in the lifetime of the mine, and the ore it produces is 1% zinc. As zinc ores usually contain other metals such as lead, it is not necessarily the case that this ore is 99% waste material.


The initial stage of mineral exploration involves finding a site to investigate. In some situations this may result from the discovery of a surface outcrop of mineralization, which is the exposure of a mineral deposit. Surface outcrops are becoming more difficult to find because some have already been mined or they are buried under sediments or lava flows. ...

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