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Is there any iron ore in New Guinea?

The island of New Guinea is effectively divided into two entities, the country of Papua New Guinea occupies the eastern half and the Indonesian province of West New Guinea occupies the western half. ...
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Why is there gold in the earth's crust?

Assuming gold, a siderophile, is more abundant in the metallic core, this gold may still be dredged to the surface. On Earth, there is more to tectonic activity than meets the eye. Hoggard et al. 1, ...
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How does a sepiolite deposit form?

Perhaps I am completely wrong, this is kindof a guess: Sepiolite happens in clay regions like those produced by ice age glacial activity from orogeny. If there are great lakes with high clay contents, ...
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What determines a mineral's hardness?

the strength of bonds that hold the meniral the structure of the mineral lattice crystal morphology
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