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Why is Olympus Mons the largest volcano in the whole solar system?

This is mostly due to the fact that Mars does not have plate tectonics. Therefore the plate stays above the hotspot without moving, allowing magma to rise and pile up at the same place for millions ...
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How high can a mountain possibly get?

Found an article that used a simple analytical modelling to determine how high a mountain can be. Reference Based on simple physics, tallest a mountain will be on Earth is ~10 km. This is based on: ...
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How high can a mountain possibly get?

The glacial buzzsaw hypothesis (summary; sample paper) is that mountains can't get much higher than the elevation at which glaciers form cirques. The upper walls of the cirques are steep and erode ...
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Could the speed in which the plate is moving affect how quickly mountains rise?

The height of the Himalayas Like Keith McClary says in his answer, there really are two factors in creating growing/shrinking mountains. Mountains grow due to various reasons. In the case of the ...
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Why is Olympus Mons the largest volcano in the whole solar system?

The other answer is already pretty good: No plate tectonics and no water erosion allows material to pile up in one place, and then stay put. Neither is the case on earth: The plate moves away from the ...
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Shouldn't India Get an Uplift Too?

The simple answer is 'crustal thickness'. The two crustal plates of India and Eurasia are very different in character. The Indian plate is thin, the Eurasian plate is much thicker and more rigid. Both ...
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How does a subduction zone form mountains?

When the subducted oceanic plate slides beneath the continental crust, it causes crustal thickening and sometimes crustal folding. In addition to this, rising plumes of magma are created when the ...
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What are these geological horizontal lines formed on this mountain called and why they are formed?

Just to add on this point from the comments: But this mount is the only mouth with this kind of formation in local mountain range First, the image on the mountain's Wikipedia page clearly shows that ...
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Did heavy usage of water in India cause the Himalayas to form?

This is incorrect for many reasons. A lot is wrong here, tbh, I think you're trolling, but I'll respect your question and answer you seriously. The Himalayas started forming around 50 million years ...
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Why are parts of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco flat?

Once the sediments (mainly silt and sand) have been deposited as layers in an ocean, when the sea level was much higher. Thus, each layer is very homogeneous in its texture, hardness and stability ...
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Which mountains are rising?

Anywhere on the planet where there is plate convergence probably has rising mountains, even in the ocean where there is back-arc volcanism, although the mountain building may be out of sight from the ...
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What is the History of the Brooks Range?

If you extend your map out a little bit further, you will see that the Brooks Range is just a continuation of the Rocky Mountains into Alaska. Source:, ┬ęDaniel Feher (explicitly ...
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Which type of convergent boundary creates the tallest mountains?

The type of convergent boundaries is not the only factor. From the current configuration of the world one could be tempted to say that Continental-Continental collisions would form the tallest ...
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Why is Massanutten mountain so dramatically different than surrounding mountains?

If you look a wider view from above and a bit to the west, you will notice Massanutten is not that straight nor is it unique most of the surrounding mountains are the same, especially to west. ...
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The geology of local landscapes and small scale features

(this is consciously the start of the answer - my regional geology books -cf. above comment, are packed away due to a house move). The rolling hills are very distinctive of the English Jurassic & ...
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How did Mount Evans become a mountain?

Just to elaborate on David Hammen's correct comment: The granite is old. The mountain is fairly young. There is no contradiction Mountain belts like the Rockies are built by tectonic forces. Two ...
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What is this strange formation near Râmnicu Vâlcea?

My guess is streams fed by mountains that have been tectonically compressed and is undergoing some rotation. Near Italy are 3 tectonic boundary. Convergent, transform, and divergent. Due to the plate ...
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What is the tectonic setting for the formation of the Great Dividing Range in Australia?

When describing the development of a mountain range, a clear distinction must be made between the origin of the rocks that are found in the mountain range, and the development of the current ...
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