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Basaltic rock is denser than granitic rock and that makes the difference. Also since 2/3 of the mountain is underwater thousands of feet of water are pressing against it to take yield of it's weight. it's like a 300 lb man, jumps in the pool, takes enormous weight pressure off.


The other answer is already pretty good: No plate tectonics and no water erosion allows material to pile up in one place, and then stay put. Neither is the case on earth: The plate moves away from the hot spot, transporting built up rocks with it and causing the magma to find another outlet a few miles over. Hawaii also tends to be a place where you can see ...


This is mostly due to the fact that Mars does not have plate tectonics. Therefore the plate stays above the hotspot without moving, allowing magma to rise and pile up at the same place for millions and millions of years. Above the Hawaii hotspot, the oceanic plate is moving, so volcanism tends to drift away with time (actually the volcanism happens at the ...

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