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What causes these odd-looking currents in the Tasman Sea?

Great question. These features are mesoscale Eddies and they are akin to hurricanes in the atmosphere. They are the ocean’s high or low pressure systems and are the result of instabilities. The ...
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Coral growth keeping up with sea level rise?

I have worked as a climate-change specialist in many countries including those with coral atolls, such as the Maldives, Solomon Islands and Samoa. I have analysed, at first hand, both the the tide-...
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Coral Reef and Volcanic Islands

I just came upon this paper by Tomascik et al. (1996). It does not answer directly your question, but I found it sufficiently relevant to post it here anyway. It is a study of coral colonization after ...
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What causes these odd-looking currents in the Tasman Sea?

I'm posting this as an answer rather than a comment to expand a bit on the excellent answer from Isopycnal Oscillation and note some minor differences I observed. I had actually looked for ...
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Coral Reef and Volcanic Islands

based on Hunga Tonga, either within a decade or even before the volcano ever reaches the surface.
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Result of floating-iron-balls in the mid-pacific?

I take it that your iron balls are hollow and made of rust resistant steel. It would be a fiendishly expensive project, but I doubt it would have the result you suggest. The iron balls would have to ...
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Is CO2 in the Pacific Ocean depleted or enriched in Carbon-13 compared to the Atlantic, and why?

"The decrease in δ13C as water flows from the Atlantic to the North Pacific is due mainly to the addition of organically produced material and its subsequent oxidation as it falls through the ...

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