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"Archaeozoic" vs "Archean"

The Archaen was named by American geologist James Dwight Dana in 1872, to refer to the entire span of time before the Cambrian Period. A synonym was "Azoic" as this period was considered ...
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How has the total area of continents changed during the Earth history?

I think the question is asking about the trend, i.e., how did we get from zero continental crust to about 30 % over the Earth's history? Was it linear, another trend? Well, one figure is enough to ...
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How, exactly, do scientists know location of earliest continents?

Well, the really earliest continents, the answer is we don't. As you go further back the uncertainties get larger and larger. It has been speculated that there have been around 4-5 super continents ...
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estimation of prehistoric sea levels

Short answer: Nobody knows. Estimates of post-cambrian water levels are done by studying geology and where shorelines were in the past and what land was under water and working out from that how ...
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How has the total area of continents changed during the Earth history?

It is widely thought that when the Earth first formed there was no continental crust. Subduction is largely responsible for the creation of continental crust. If true, and there is no reason to think ...
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At what latitude/longitude was Cornwall, England 75 million years ago?

The rocks that make up Britain have been slowly drifting north over geologic time. About 700 million years ago it was near the South Pole! I paused this Youtube video at 75 mya, held the end of a ...
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Determining the paleoelevation of mountain ranges

Determining an uplift rate for rocks is not easy, but certain techniques will produce far more reliable results than others. There are also qualitative techniques that provide estimates so rough as to ...
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How does a sepiolite deposit form?

Perhaps I am completely wrong, this is kindof a guess: Sepiolite happens in clay regions like those produced by ice age glacial activity from orogeny. If there are great lakes with high clay contents, ...
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Paleogeographic Map

While we're certainly not going to do your homework for you (and we couldn't anyway, because the map is not legible in the photo you provided), this looks like a fun exercise and a chance to express ...
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Beringia - history of the region, periods of sea level fall/rise - paleogeography of Pleistocene

Ok, I am answering to myself: here are the papers, everything is in there
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Paleogeographic atlas software

Also, for a very simple visualization application for plate tectonics and a lot of other information, you can use EarthViewer. It is extremely intuitive and the related Earth History data helps to ...
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