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In the question, T was not specifically mentioned to be a constant. So by also expanding $T = \overline{T} + t’$, we end up with the following answer. Where, the covariance term containing $\overline{c’t’}$ reflects that turbulence still plays a role in determining the mean quantity of C.


Instead of just giving you the answer to a textbook problem (which would make SE a version of Chegg that future students would use to cheat on homework), I'll guide you in getting an answer. Which variable does $\overline{u'w'}$ affect most? For that variable, identify the surface layer. Imagine that you are on the line. If you go straight up (that is, $w'&...


Is there any particular aspect of boundary layer meteorology? Or just something general? NOTE: I have not read all of these nor do I know anyone who has read these, but judging by the year published or level of detail, these may serve whatever purpose you want. I found these mostly by Googling. I recommend looking at the preview offered in each website. ...

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