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A definitive statement comes from the abstract of Scott and Glasspool1, 2006: Charcoal, a proxy for fire, occurs in the fossil record from the Late Silurian (≈420 Myr) to the present. One of the tired old truisms you learn is that fire needs three things: Oxygen, fuel, and a source of ignition. There is little doubt that there has been lightning since ...


chlorophyll is green because that was the part of the spectrum that was left when plants evolved. The bulk of the spectrum was already being harvested by other photosynthetic life. there is actually a wide variety of photosynthetic pigments chlorophyll is just one of many. You may want to check out the purple earth hypothesis. Sauce


To ask why chlorophyll is green is a bit like asking why haemoglobin is red. That is just the colour of them, in the case of haemoglobin due to the iron content and in the case of chlorophyll probably due to the magnesium atom at the centre of every chlorophyll molecule. As you very likely know, the function of chlorophyll is to carry out photosynthesis, ...


I just read an article saying that algae produces more oxygen than all the plants in the world!! Edit: First paragraph last lines

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