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A definitive statement comes from the abstract of Scott and Glasspool1, 2006: Charcoal, a proxy for fire, occurs in the fossil record from the Late Silurian (≈420 Myr) to the present. One of the tired old truisms you learn is that fire needs three things: Oxygen, fuel, and a source of ignition. There is little doubt that there has been lightning since ...


chlorophyll is green because that was the part of the spectrum that was left when plants evolved. The bulk of the spectrum was already being harvested by other photosynthetic life. there is actually a wide variety of photosynthetic pigments chlorophyll is just one of many. You may want to check out the purple earth hypothesis. Sauce


To ask why chlorophyll is green is a bit like asking why haemoglobin is red. That is just the colour of them, in the case of haemoglobin due to the iron content and in the case of chlorophyll probably due to the magnesium atom at the centre of every chlorophyll molecule. As you very likely know, the function of chlorophyll is to carry out photosynthesis, ...


Evergreen trees grow faster than most hardwood deciduous trees, so their absorption and oxygen emission is greater. Note that trees do not "clean" air. Plants emit oxygen which is why air in a house with lots of plants will seem more fresh. In the global environment algae and other primitive organics are primarily responsible for converting CO2 to ...


For the (1) you can store your whole maize for 8 - 12 years or 18 - 36 months if the maize is ground or chopped. Moreover the less moisture the maize has the more it can be stored. If you want to store your harvest for a long period of time then the maximum moisture percentage is 13.5%.


Probably not. The biological pathways to make lignin is the same in all plants so there is no reasons to believe they would be better. If anything modern trees as a whole may be better since they survive in larger range of environments and very dense wooded trees exist. In addition without defenses against modern wood decomposers Carboniferous plants may ...


The precise reasons for leaf shedding after monsoon aren't well known and studied, but there are vague reasons like optimising use of light and warmth for max photosynthetic gain. So the tree has a heavy load of leaves to grow fast in monsoon, and it fast depletes the groundwater if it keeps the leaves in the dry season. read the conclusion here: https://...


A pH of 6.2 is pretty acidic for soil . A more obvious method to lower acid would be limestone as gravel. And for a fast start ,add lime powder, available at any agriculture supply. Rototilling would be good ,but just sprinkling on the surface would be some help. You can measure soil pH yourself easily. Put a soil sample in distilled water and shake in a ...


I just read an article saying that algae produces more oxygen than all the plants in the world!! Edit: First paragraph last lines

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