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Evergreen trees grow faster than most hardwood deciduous trees, so their absorption and oxygen emission is greater. Note that trees do not "clean" air. Plants emit oxygen which is why air in a house with lots of plants will seem more fresh. In the global environment algae and other primitive organics are primarily responsible for converting CO2 to ...


For the (1) you can store your whole maize for 8 - 12 years or 18 - 36 months if the maize is ground or chopped. Moreover the less moisture the maize has the more it can be stored. If you want to store your harvest for a long period of time then the maximum moisture percentage is 13.5%.


Probably not. The biological pathways to make lignin is the same in all plants so there is no reasons to believe they would be better. If anything modern trees as a whole may be better since they survive in larger range of environments and very dense wooded trees exist. In addition without defenses against modern wood decomposers Carboniferous plants may ...

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