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Is there a map that displays every country at its correct relative size?

Yes. Every equal-area map displays all countries (and other areas) in their correct relative size. Inevitably, they don't show the correct shape (unless you're looking at a globe). Personally, my ...
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What kind of projection is that?

It looks to me like a sinusoidal projection centred on -30°W, with edges at -90°W and 30°E. For that projection, the length of the parallels goes as cos(latitude), so we expect the ratio of the widths ...
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Is there a map that displays every country at its correct relative size?

This is pretty straight forward. The traditional map is very good for longitude and latitude. It's pretty lousy for the shapes and sizes of the continents cause everything close to the poles is ...
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What map projection preserves latitude?

A cylindrical projection with a vertically oriented cylinder which is tangent to the Equator produces a map that you are looking for. In this kind of map projection, all the points on the same ...
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Is there a map that displays every country at its correct relative size?

Found in https://twitter.com/amazingmap I can't personally vouch for accuracy. From tweet, several complaints about Antarctica, "wrong pole", etc. New favourite map projection. Hellereal Boreal ...
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Distortion-free map of all continents

I've been searching for a map that shows all continents in their actual size that is free of projection distortion, to no avail That's because such a thing does not exist. A projection by definition ...
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How do I obtain latitude and longitude coordinates from synoptic weather charts

This is what I have done: First, using the parameters for LCC projection I did a coordinate transformation on the weather charts using QGIS. For this the charts needs to be georeferenced first based ...
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How to find out if three points on Earth are on the same great circle arc?

I would take the same approach as Jean-Marie Prival, but using a different toolset, because I'm not familiar with GIS in general and have never been in a room that has ever seen Mathematica. But I do ...
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map projections that minimises differences

I used go-cart.com to generate a cartogram showing every country the same size. It looks like this: Generated today at https://go-cart.io/cartogram - Gastner MT, Seguy V, More P. Fast low-based ...
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map projections that minimises differences

I am sorry, but this type of linear map can't exist. You said that you want to minimize differences, so you want to make small countries bigger. But unfortunately, big countries become bigger too (...
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What is the maximum value of Easting in UTM coordinates?

The circumference of the Earth at the equator is ~40,075km. Given that each UTM Zone is 6 degrees spaced in Longitude, there are then 60 UTM Zones around the globe. Each Zone is thus 40,075/60 or ~...
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