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Can people on the side of a volcano survive the eruption?

It's always hard to interpret the intentions of an author. But to me, "a rain of hot ash" does not sound like a pyroclastic flow, but rather like a tephra fall, which is a different volcanic ...
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Can pyroclastic flows cross water?

Pyroclastic flows can cross water. This doesn't suggest that any pyroclastic deposit can cross water. High energy had needed. For high energy a caldera forming explosion and/or high temperature flow ...
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Why are pyroclastic flows ground-bound?

Volcanic plumes and pyroclastic flows are two behaviours of basically the same thing. A volume of hot gasses and tephra (a.k.a. a mix of ash, pumice, and volcanic rocks of different sizes). If the ...
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Pyroclastic density currents interpretation

The name of the cavities are lithophysae. They show that the current has high volatile content. Vapor phase devitrification is the origin of litophysae. Pyroclasts in the curremt maintain their ...
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