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Looking for the mathematics so I can run climate change simulations

Full scale climate models The atmospheric climate simulations that are presented in the IPCC reports are performed by quite large and complex models. Running these models needs a "supercomputer&...
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Python, R or etc.?

In my opinion, python is a more established global language that is used by many more disciplines/users, compared to R. This can be advantageous because examples/tutorials are everywhere and you can ...
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Easiest way to visualize precipitation drainage using raster elevation files in R?

It sounds like you're looking for flow accumulation (upstream) area, most likely. That's imperfect for what you're looking for (e.g. doesn't account for varying infiltration rates), but it's probably ...
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Python, R or etc.?

Essentially there is no consensus. To some degree it comes down to personal preference but it also depends on the application - what needs to be done. Python is a very popular language and for smaller ...
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How to speciate EDGAR emissions for CBMZ?

I used the R package eixport (Ibarra-Espinosa et al., 2018) to download EDGAR data (5 and spec voc 4.3.2) and then include several speciations for chemical mechanisms according to Carter (2015) and ...
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How to generate inputs for the MUNICH model from the VEIN model

First, download a project with vein and estimate vehicular emissions. Some projects are here: ...
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