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The podcast may have given the impression that sediment always gets buried or pushed down into the earth. This isnt the reality of the processes which are dynamic and dependent on geologic time as well as where these process can or can't happen. It really depends on the location and the processes happing there.


No, sediments do not sink into the earth because they are too light. They stay on the surface and over very long times they form the continents. But they can get buried under many km of other sediments as parts of the crust they're on subsides or is pushed over other parts. Thus they can get into pressure/temperatue conditions where diagenesis (see other ...


The rivers transport most of the sediments to the coastal or marine basins where they accumulate. An exception are lacustrine basins, but most of world rivers sediments are deposited on shallow or deep marine basins. When the stack of sediments is large, listric faults develop, and the bottom layer get pushed down into the earth. This process is called ...

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