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My understanding is the following (NB: it could be wrong!). The assumption is that on a common shot gather, your travel time follows a hyperbolic curve: $$ f(x)=t^2=t_0^2 + \frac{x^2}{v^2}, $$ where $t_0$ is the zero-offset travel time, $x$ the offset and $v$ the speed of the medium above the interface. The hyperbolic travel-times, for example, create ...


for pipe, disk and fixed-block 8mm drives ,you need set param use_stdio=1 segdread tape=1.segd use_stdio=1 >


It depends on what purpose you need the data for. This site gives several sources of data. If it must be land acquisition (as opposed to marine) data then the Poland 2D, Teapot dome 3D, or Stratton 3D surveys might be of interest. These free data sets are for pedagogical/research purposes, so if you'd like to 'strike-...


Crossline coverage is 1/2 the spread width. A survey is usually designed to deliver perfectly abutted crossline coverage (overlapping the spreads as the previous correspondent said). Common midpoint (CMP) bin width is 1/2 the cable spacing and is sampled by one source-to-receiver ray path so crossline fold by definition is one. Easiest thing is to draw a ...

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