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Sound-generating wave action takes place only on the surface, and is usually less noisy than seismic events. I'm not sure what you mean by streamers, but I take it you mean ships. These man made sounds are loudest on the surface and much quieter in the depths, whereas with seismic noises it is the other way around, so the way to preferentially hear seismic ...


I've seen data like this before. My research focused on acquiring/processing both vertical and horizontal component data in subsurface environments characterized mainly by saturated and/or unconsolidated facies. So, it's entirely possible even for a that kind of surface-wave to display such low apparent velocities. What I think you are seeing at that ...


Accelerometers have already been used for acquiring seismic data in a lot of studies: see this review, and references therein. As for the code part, there is a Python framework for seismology: ObsPy.

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